Pilot Mines

Pilot Mines v0.8.1
New features.

older versions:
Pilot Mines v0.8
Pilot Mines v0.7
Pilot Mines v0.6
Pilot Mines v0.5
Pilot Mines v0.3
Pilot Mines v0.2a
  Pilot Mines is a little freeware application, modelled after an X11 minesweeper clone (which in turn was modelled after the original MS game).

The controls are fairly easy (if you know the game): tapping on a covered field will uncover it (like the left mouse button in the original game), tapping on an uncovered field does the same as pressing the middle mouse button in the original game, tapping on a covered field while pressing the page up or page down button toggles flagging that field (that's what the right mouse button does).

Dylan Ginsburg Thanks to Dylan Ginsburg for suggesting another controls scheme: instead of using the page up/down keys all the time, the first tap on a covered field will flag it, the second will uncover it. Pressing the page up/down key while tapping a covered field toggles the flag as before. This scheme is selectable via preferences menu (it's called Dylan style controls for now :-).
Laurent Thaler
his web site
Laurent Thaler ported the program to OnBoardC, made the mine field greater, brought color into the game and fixed a really silly bug. You can download his version from http://lthaler.free.fr/.
Kirk Strauser

Kirk Strauser did manage to give the bitmaps in higher resolutions more contrast, which should increase playability of the game.

Oliver Pretzel

Oliver Pretzel suggested to regard the board as torus, that is to identify opposite borders. This is implemented as new option.

Alain Barbason

Alain Barbason did the french translation.

The program source is supplied.

Thomas Pundt For further suggestions and bug reports you may contact me.

Thomas Pundt

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