New in "Bundesliga"
New in Bundesliga v4.1  
  • the program now uses scrollbars instead of up and down buttons where useful.
  • a switch bar to switch between different forms.
  • buttons at the bottom of matchday, table and fixture forms removed, functionality lies in switching bar. Therefore more space for data.
  • table filter moved to table form.
  • table view is now configurable; use menu in table form.
  • "cancel" and "choose date" button in Jump-To-Matchday form.
  • in fixture form matches list jumps to current date.
  • the time now is displayed when tapping on the date field.
  • tapping on the team field jumps to the accompanying match day.
  • sort button in Leagues list; quite handy, if you have 40 leagues installed.
  • bug fix: convert db file to new format even if read-only flag is set.
  • many more little improvements.

New in Bundesliga v4.0.1  
  • Bug fixes: tiebreaker "results between tied teams" could have taken wrong teams in later computation.
  • When transferring teams to date book, the time was off by 1 minute.
  • Two memory leaks were removed.
  • Translation updates: Thai, French, Japanese.

New in Bundesliga v4.0  
  • database format has changed slightly; databases from Bundesliga-3.x will be converted silently to new format, converted databases _won't_ run with Bundesliga-3.x anymore, they might cause a crash.
  • you can now define points given for won, drawn, lost matches as well as victory after overtime individually.
  • you can now select the order of tie breakers for table computation.
  • in fixture edit mode, only updates that change a match will cause already entered results to be deleted.
  • handicaps will not be evaluated if a special table is viewn.
  • you can define colours for special table positions, both global and for single databases only.

New in Bundesliga v3.3  
  • Interface to date book in fixtures of team.
  • New translations: Dutch (Mark Tant), US English (Veit Irtenkauf), Thai (Thanakarn Chinda and Karin Pimsamsee), Czech (Ivan Trnecka), and Russian (Denis Knirel), thank you; more data.
  • Bug: if one really added 20 leagues, the program crashed; now you can add up to 40 leagues.
  • Bug: negative points (from negative handicaps) were treated as large positive values.
  • Delete Matches and Match Days in fixture editor (version 3.1).

New in Bundesliga v3.0  
  • Handicaps per team and match day.
  • Separate date (including time) for every game.
  • Tables aren't limited to 255 points and goals anymore.
  • Variable number of matches per match day.
  • Up to 24 teams and 90 match days per league.
  • Beaming of database files.
  • New option: Readonly mode for databases.
  • More flexibility in fixture editor: choose a team more than once.
  • Even more flexibility: add teams, matches, match days.
  • You can set a favourite team in "Teams" menu.
  • Web interface to convert a text file into a database file.
  • Unfortunatley the database format again.
  • PalmOS v1.0 isn't supported any more.

New in Bundesliga v2.2  
  • Minor update: French translation from Emmanuel Pain
  • Fixture by team; it can be reached from the statistics form.
  • convertFixture script updated to reflect the handicap options.
  • Updated database files.
  • "Quick-Enter-Results-Mode" now begins with 0:0. The "how" is due to an idea (and implementation) from Rolf Muth (Thanks!).

New in Bundesliga v2.1  
New in Bundesliga v2.0  
  • Database format has changed; can't read version 1.1 db files and vice versa. I choose to do that, because Bundesliga wasn't able to handle the Netherland's league.
  • Bug in statistics where OS 3.5 didn't show results fixed.
  • Handicaps allow you to handle leagues that do a playoff at the end of their regualr season. You can enter them under "Edit|Teams".
  • Choose the sort order of the leagues in the list box.
  • Increased builtin limits to max 52 match days.
  • Navigation abilities within "Edit|Fixture".
  • Cleanup and reorganization.
I strongly recommend you to delete a installed version of Bundesliga on your Palm before you install this version. The database files aren't compatible and won't be read from this version.
New in Bundesliga v1.1  
  • Spanish translation by Mario A. Escamilla.
  • New option to toggle between 2 and 3 point rule for won matches.

New in Bundesliga v1.0  
  • There is no "default" database anymore; instead the last used database will be opened again on restart of the program.
  • You can now rename the database files.
  • Tables for the 2nd league half, the last 5 matchdays or with only the home or away matches available over "current" button.
  • Quick result enter mode: just tap on the team and the result will be increased.
  • Season 1999/2000 data (almost complete).

New in Bundesliga v0.5   The new version has support for editing the teams and the fixture as well as creation and deletion of database files on the Pilot.
New in Bundesliga v0.4.2  
  • updated Perl script to not use DateCalc module (introduced in 0.4).
  • updated Scottish league files (thanks to Robbie Kinnaird).
  • added Serie A files (thanks to Michele Bruno).
  • some silly OS's distinguish between binary and text files; convertFixtures now treats them correctly.
  • databases should now be backuped by HotSync.
  • program could crash when reading a new database file (introduced in 0.3).
  • program now has a (not necessarily nice) small icon for Palm III devices (also used in Launcher III).
  • I missed a line in the statistics function that caused the program to not correctly output the number of away games.
  • put Mexican League on the web site (thanks to Mario A. Escamilla).
  • Database files now hold the complete round table; second half isn't computed anymore. So it should be possible to create a database file for the Scottish League, too, now.
  • Results now can get as big as 254 goals per team per match.
  • Database files now hold the date of a match day. When you click on the "Round" button in the upper right corner, the date will be displayed instead of the round.
Warning: you should remove any old version of the program (including database files) before installing this version. Old database files aren't compatible with the new version. Maybe I'll add the compatibility code later again.

New in "Pilot Mines"
New in Pilot Mines 0.8.1  
  • French translation (thanks to Alain BarBason).

New in Pilot Mines 0.8  
  • Some minor bug fixes (cf NEWS.txt in ZIP file).
  • New option: borders are connected.

New in Pilot Mines 0.7  
  • Bitmaps with more contrast. Thank you Kirk Strauser!

New in Pilot Mines 0.6  
  • Clear highscores only after confirmation.
  • Running time will be shown even if hardware buttons are pressed.
  • If more fields than mines are marked, this will be shown as negative value.
  • Bug fix: the program never placed a mine in the lowest row in modes 20x18 and 26x24.

New in Pilot Mines 0.5  
  • I've integrated Laurent's changes regarding color support, the larger board layouts and the "corner no mine" option.
  • A highscore list for every combination of board layout and difficulty level. Old highscore lists are converted to the new format (downward compatible)
  • The difficulty levels for every board layout have different number of mines.
  • Fixed all remaining bugs :-) But nevertheless: I strongly recommend you to backup your device, if you love your highscore list.
  • Level "Very hard" should be solvable now; it has less mines than before.
Thank you Laurent!
New in Pilot Mines 0.3   Changes from Lucas Bremgartner :
  • In the options form you now can choose that the first field to be uncovered never will be a mine.
  • If you've entered a new highscore, th dialog to begin a new game will be displayed now.
Thanks Lucas!
New in Pilot Mines 0.2a   Pilot Mines 0.2a is only an update with a mini bug fix; I've updated the Makefile and sources to optimally support the egcs cross compiler and pilrc v2.2; Pilot Mines now also has a little 16x9 icon for the Palm III devices; and highscores are now really limited to one hour;

New in "Worldcup"
New in Worldcup 1.1  
  • the program honors the backup bit of the database file.
  • translation to Romanian, thanks to Mihai Banciu, and Thai (thanks Thanakarn Chinda).
  • Matches form now shows much more of the team names, the date of the matches of the day in bold and at the top.
  • Options: choose the list view as initial form; alternative group labels with abbreviations of the teams in popup.
  • Switch bar to quickly switch between the three main forms (changes suggested and supplied by Son Caokim ).

New in Worldcup 1.0  
  • translations to Japanese, Finnish, Turkish, Albanian, Hungarian, Catalan, Danish, Traditional Chinese and Korean (thanks to NODA Hiroshi, Eero Mattila, Ismail Ergun, Antoni, Horváth Gábor, Xavier G. Luque, Jesper R. R. Angelo, Francis Lou and Kang Kyung-Won)
  • All teams are now comlete.
  • Shirt numbers of all players.
  • Overview form with the standings of all groups.

New in Worldcup pre1.0  
  • translations to Czech, Italian, Croatian, Dutch and Hebrew (thanks to Ivan Trnecka, LockSoft, Luka Kodzoman, Jan Tempelman and Ehud Michelson)
  • most of the teams are now complete.
  • bug fix in database reading that could lead to a crash.
  • bug fix in timezone settings; some devices seem to return very strange values for timezone offset.
  • support for PalmOS-2.0.
  • Click on match or result in "list of matches" now returns to appropriate group.
  • Click on a date of match in the group view now also addresses the date book.
  • Entering a new result field now recomputes the table.

New in Worldcup v0.6  
  • Chinese and Russian versions of the program (thanks to Yang Ming and Denis Knirel).
  • Portuguese, Swedish und Polish translations (thanks to Ricardo A. Barbosa, Sven Bring und Mikolaj Laczynski).
  • List of all matches by date
  • Team of Uruguay.
  • FIFA Rankings as of 17 April 2002
  • Interface to date book application.

New in Worldcup v0.5  
  • Spanish translation (thanks to Mario A. Escamilla).
  • Japan/Korea map in stadium form.
  • Bug: results in Round of 16 sometimes were hard to enter.
  • Team of Belgium.

New in Worldcup v0.4  
  • Little pictures of players can be shown (with additional DB file).
  • Time zone settings.
  • French translation (thanks to Emmanuel Pain).
  • Selected Information about teams and players.
  • (minimal) stadium information; possibility to show a picture of the stadium (with additional DB file).
  • tables are computed according to FIFA rules.
  • complete fixture of the FIFA World Cup 2002.
  • first public version of the program.

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