Some information on the file format
File Format: 

You can use this web interface to generate a PDB file suitable to be used with Bundesliga. You'll have to supply textual input consisting of a list of all teams, matches and results of the following form:


The TEAMBLOCK contains the list of teams, each team in one line, each line no longer than 20 chars. The last line must be an empty line to separate the TEAMBLOCK from the MATCHBLOCKs.

Each of the maximum 90 MATCHBLOCKs contain the matches of one match day. The block can optionally start with a date line of the form YYYYMMDD (this is the old format). Each line that follows is of one of the following forms:

 Team 1:Team 2:
 Team 1:Team 2:e1:e2
 YYYYMMDDhhmm:Team 1:Team 2:
 YYYYMMDDhhmm:Team 1:Team 2:e1:e2
 :=ph:Team 1:val
 :=gh:Team 1:val

The Team 1:Team 2: form simply tells the interface who's going to play against whom; Team 1 and Team 2 must be present in the TEAMBLOCK above.

The Team 1:Team 2:e1:e2 form includes a result for the match. e1 and e2 should be 0 or positive integers less than 255.

The YYYYMMDDhhmm:Team 1:Team 2: and YYYYMMDDhhmm:Team 1:Team 2:e1:e2 form include a match date.

The remaining two forms :=ph:Team 1:val and :=gh:Team 1:val define either a point (=ph:) or a goal (=gh:) handicap for the team listed next, with value val. For example, the line


gives the team Basel a credit of 17 points, valid with the match day this line is included in. Handicaps can also be negative values.

Each MATCHBLOCK (except the very last one) must end with an empty line to separate it from the next one.


The following snippet is a valid text file; it lists the first two match days with results from the Swiss Masters Round 2001.

 FC Sion
 FC Zürich
 St. Gallen

 :=ph:FC Sion:16
 :=ph:FC Zürich:15
 :=ph:St. Gallen:20
 200102241530:Grasshopper:St. Gallen:2:1
 200102241530:Lausanne:FC Zürich:1:1
 200102241530:Lugano:FC Sion:1:1

 St. Gallen:Lugano:3:2
 FC Zürich:Genf:1:0
 FC Sion:Grasshopper:2:0